Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Eventually, I have arrived in Ireland which took about 13 hours of flight. Though it has been almost a year, I still can't believe that I am actually here in Ireland which is thousands miles away from my family in Malaysia. Sometimes I would pinch my cheeks to make sure this is real. Since my childhood, I had always dreamed of pursuing my study overseas and it finally comes true. Alhamdulillah.

Ireland is awesome I have to say! But Malaysia is still the best.. Maybe because of the food. Yummy! :3 When I am away from my country, I begin to appreciate the warmth in Malaysia and the food of course. Here, Halal food is really scarce since Muslims are only the minority. We have to be extra cautious when picking out food. So, the best option is to cook. But the problem is I don't know how. Therefore, it is quite hard for me. I am getting bored of what I cook since it is really limited what I am capable of making. Oh how I miss Nasi Lemak. :(

It is very cold and windy here. It is supposed to be Spring already but it gets even colder compared to Winter. Sometimes it suddenly snows. Can you believe it? I cannot! Snowing during Spring is just so weird. I would really love to see all the flowers blooming and blossoming. Ah well.

Since this is the first time I am writing about my experience here in Ireland, let's start with my university shall we? Right, I am currently taking medicine at University College Cork. 

Tadaa! This is the quadrangle which is located at the main campus. Sadly, my class is not here. I really love the grass. It is so green! Whenever I look at it I have this sudden urge of wanting to roll on it but have to stop myself from doing so each time. All students are prohibited from walking, let alone rolling on it, because there is a myth saying that those who stepped on it will fail their exams. Wooo. Scary isn't it?

Beautiful beautiful flowers! This was taken when we first arrived. The flowers were still blossoming prettily. This is at the president's garden. Somewhere around the main campus.

This is in front of the medicine faculty's building. Our classes are mostly here or at the Western Gate building which is just few steps away. This picture was taken during Eidul Adha and that explains why everyone was wearing baju kurung. 

Introducing uolls my one and only roommate, Ainun Sailah (the one with red sweater) ! I was searching for our pictures together but could not find any.  This girl, she is totally crazy about photography. She is in charge of taking pictures while I am in charge of being in those pictures. Well, now that makes sense why we don't really have pictures together. People said we resemble each other but maybe because of our heights. We have cute heights okay! *sigh

This is where I am living at right now, the Castlewhite Apartment. It is only few minutes away from my college. I can get up reaaaaaal late and still make it to class on time. This is the reason I love Castlewhite. So much win! ;)

This is my bedroom! Don't be fooled, my bed is not always this neat. I purposely make my bed to snap a picture of it. And lastly, I also want to introduce my teddy, Tristan Harland. Please don't mind its name. I have this habit naming everything I have. Even my key chain has a name. -__- So yeah, I bought it at a teddy bear shop in Birmingham, UK. I find it interesting because we can make our own teddy and dress it up ourselves. But, I somehow pity Tristan because he has accompanied me sleeping every night but will end up under the bed every morning. *sigh

So, that is all for now. I will update more when I have the time! But, I surely will because I am on study month. Wehooo~ ^^

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