Monday, February 29, 2016

23 tahun.

     To tell you the truth, sungguh I tak sangka I dah nak masuk 23 tahun. I have to agree when people say, medical school takes away your youth. I dont even realize that almost 4 years has passed since I last flew to Ireland. It does not feel that long. Maybe because I am preoccupied with so many exams and so many things to study. Eceh. Study la sangat. Tapi Alhamdulillah. I am in fourth year now. If all goes well, I would graduate in 2017. Insya allah, with God's will. Please, pray for me.

    Okay, Berbalik kepada issue umur 23 tahun. Tiba-tiba sahaja I check calendar and it is 2016. Sometimes, I would mistakenly write '2015' when I wrote down the date. Within those 2 years I did not update my blog, so many things happened. I lost my grandfather, my sister got married, and I got myself a cat! Most importantly, I think I have matured enough. It took me a little bit longer compared to others but I am getting there. I constantly try to improve myself and act more like a lady. 

    If I look back when I first got here, I did not even know how to cut onions.But now, I can cook a proper meal. I even know how to make nasi kerabu. Though my cooking skills is still a little bit lacking, it definitely got better. 

   In terms of studying, it becomes so much more difficult. It is hard. Serious. Tak tipu. Kadang-kadang  I rasa nak give up. Why medicine ni susah sangat? I have entered clinical years in which I deal dengan real patients. Nasib baik doktor dekat sini sangat baik. Sebab I ni kus semangat, kena marah nanti I nangis. And right now instead of updating my blog I should be studying. Hee.

   This year, 2 of my housemates and 1 one my BFFs are getting married. See? People my age right now are either getting married,getting pregnant or dah mempunyai seorang anak. I started to think about marriage too lately. I mean like when people who are close to you are settling down you cant help it but to think about yourself. My parents keep pressuring me to find someone too. Macam lah lelaki yang baik ni boleh dipetik je.

  Relationships never quite work out for me. I dont know whether I am ready for a new one. I want my next one to end with marriage. I just hope that there would be a guy brave enough to ask my dad for my hand in marriage.

Tapi.. hidup ni bukan lah untuk settle down, kahwin and jaga anak je. I believe life is more than that. Kalau jodoh you sampai awal then alhamdulillah. If not, dont fret about it even kadang2 i meroyan jugak pasal ni. It must mean that Allah is keeping someone better for me or He wants me to become lagi baik. :)

Till later.  



This is awkward. My last post was 2 years ago. Haha! I came across my senior's blog and the urge to write a post just take over me. Well, I just realized that I have 4 different blogs. I dont know why I have that many. At first, I wanted to make this as a travelogue. Konon macam acah-acah nak share tips bercuti lah kan since I have the opportunity to travel while I am still in Ireland. But, I stopped after 3 posts.

When I read back my other blogs, I noticed that the first one I created was 10 years ago. I wrote so many immature things so I made that private. The second one was made after I broke up with my first ex. I meroyan banyak gila dalam tu. So, that was changed into private as well. The third one was created after I got over my first ex . I meroyan jugak dalam tu and it was turned into private as well.

And the latest one is this one, in which I buat dengan harapan ingin jadikannya travelogue. But, I am so inconsistent and it was left untouched for 2 years.

I will keep writing in this one. I hope so!

Till later. :)
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