Monday, February 29, 2016



This is awkward. My last post was 2 years ago. Haha! I came across my senior's blog and the urge to write a post just take over me. Well, I just realized that I have 4 different blogs. I dont know why I have that many. At first, I wanted to make this as a travelogue. Konon macam acah-acah nak share tips bercuti lah kan since I have the opportunity to travel while I am still in Ireland. But, I stopped after 3 posts.

When I read back my other blogs, I noticed that the first one I created was 10 years ago. I wrote so many immature things so I made that private. The second one was made after I broke up with my first ex. I meroyan banyak gila dalam tu. So, that was changed into private as well. The third one was created after I got over my first ex . I meroyan jugak dalam tu and it was turned into private as well.

And the latest one is this one, in which I buat dengan harapan ingin jadikannya travelogue. But, I am so inconsistent and it was left untouched for 2 years.

I will keep writing in this one. I hope so!

Till later. :)

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