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Hey chuolls! :D

Guess what I am supposed to be doing right now? Studying. And guess what I am doing? Updating a blog after what feels like forever. Yay! I am so good at procrastinating that I could not believe it myself. Way to go Aisya! I have so much to study and an essay due next two weeks but yeahh, that can wait *i am so gonna regret this in a few days

I intend to make this a travelogue since I love travelling. I really do. I have spent most of my money on that. But, laziness over weighs my passion to write and took control of me. I am sorry. :( I have my final exam coming up in a few weeks. So right now I am having my study month or I prefer calling it as spring break.

I am just gonna blog about how I spend my spring break. First, I went to Dingle, in County Kerry. It was a class trip organised by my Irish teacher, Ciaran. I took Irish (Gaelic) for my SSM which is an elective subject. Dia duit. Is mise Aisya. Is asa Malaysia me. Is mc leinn leightis me. Go raibh maith agat *practising my very limited Gaelic. I should pay more attention in class, I know. Sigh.

Okay okay back to the crux. We spent 3 days and 2 nights there and stayed at a UCC hostel.

This is in front of the hostel that we stayed at

Dingle was about 3 hours from Cork. But the journey there was really bumpy and challenging. I slept through out the ride because my head felt like spinning. Even minyak cap kapak could not alleviate the dizziness. Did I have motion sickness that I did not know of ? :o

 Later that night, Jackey came over and shared with us about the cultures and traditions of Ireland. Dingle is among few places that are included in Gaeltacht region. Gaeltacht region is an Irish speaking region. He told us many interesting stories but I could not recall much since I dozed off the whole time. Bad bad Aisya. During the Q&A session, I asked him about the movie Leap Year which was filmed in Dingle. Turned out that the tradition of women proposing to men on 29th February are still exist. If you wish to know how Dingle looked like, then watch that movie. It was a nice romance movie with very beautiful settings.

This is the back yard view of our hostel. It has always been my dream waking up
 to such a breath taking scenery.
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Having breakfast with our Irish teacher. He was confused seeing us eating rice for breakfast.
Too heavy for a breakfast he claimed.
One happy fat kid spotted! I was so excited seeing this sign board I did not know why.

The next day we went on a tour around Dingle. It was really beautiful wasn't it? It was akin to living in a postcard. I could not believe my eyes as to how picturesque it was. Not even words could describe the beauty. Ta se go halainn! To those who love nature as much as I do, please visit Dingle. It was one of the must visit places in Ireland. It was such a shame that I did not bring my camera with me, alas, I could capture more pictures!

There was a beach situated just few minutes walk away from our hostel. So, that evening we went for a stroll along the sea side. I did not mind walking for hours with such a beautiful background. I am not a fan of walking but I would not miss this for the world.

Shaffy trying to kiss the salmon hoping that it would turn into a prince, I suppose. :p
Our teacher and the boys cooked us a really scrumptious, finger-licking good dinner. We had salmon and fried chicken (my favourite!!!!) that night. Salmon was not to my liking but if I were to rate it, I would rate it as 9/10! It would make you craving for more. Yums! 

And it was time to bid goodbye. :(

Before this, we would plan to travel outside Ireland for our Easter Break. I wanted to visit Amsterdam since it was spring. I would love to see the tulips and other flowers bloomed. Dingle did not even make it on the list of our destinations. Who would expect that going on holiday within Ireland would be this much fun? For anyone who is on a tight budget like me (taksedardiri)) but still want to travel , you can try visiting places around Ireland. You would be surprised with what Ireland has to offer. :)

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