Tuesday, July 23, 2013

After so long.

Hey hey hey!

 Lemme count how many months has it been since my last post. Haha. I know I promise to keep on writing but each time I made a promise, I will do the opposite. I will have to blame twitter for that. I love writing. I sure do. My passion for writing is sincere but hey uolls we got twitter. It is like a mini-blog. So, everything that is supposed to be on this blog are there. Damn you twitter! I cannot tweet as much as I did, because it is too public there and also because of the character limits. But, worry not, here i am, yet again. I am gonna blog as much as I want. I still have 2 months of holidays. Yeay!

Few days ago, Ainun told me that flowers has started blossoming  in the yards in front of our house. Guess what flower is it? It is LAVENDER! Oh my god. It is my favourite flowers. I was literally screaming in front of my laptop reading Ainun's tweet. Now, I cannot wait to go back to Ireland. I really hope by that time, the lavenders are still there. Autumn is supposed to be in September right? This really worries me a lot.  Please don't wilt yet! :(
This is the picture Ainun had sent me! Pretty isn't it?

And no, this isn't Lavender. This was taken at some park somewhere in Paris. Acah-acah Lavender. :p

I hope my memory will not fail me because my next post, I plan to blog about our trip to Italy and Paris. So that one day, when I am older I can read about that again and remember those fun moments I had there. Hehe. :) Oh btw, we are two weeks into Ramadan now. Alhamdulillah. :))

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