Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rome : Day 1


I am going to write about the summer break this time. As mentioned afore, me and my lolles went for a holiday in Italy and Paris. Lolles is the name of our group which consist of Enon, Shaffy, Sazzy, Sihah, Nadia and Syira. Sihah came up with that name. I know it sounds like a candy or something but I like it anyway. Sadly, Nadia and Sazzy didn't join us. Our trip started from the 3rd June till the 10th. We only got one week to cover all the places! And one week of vacation is never enough I tell you. But we got no other choices, some of us already booked the flight ticket to Malaysia on the 13th June.

The airfare was quite expensive. It costed us nearly 100 euros. We could have gotten it for a cheaper price but we were all busy with study, exams and such. So, we end up purchasing the ticket quite last minute. Our first destination was Rome! And here we gooooo.

Day 1
The flight took about 3 hours but seriously it felt like forever! We really looked forward to it. Who would not? Our exams lasted for a month and we deserved some time off studying.
This was taken outside the airport. We were waiting for the taxi to pick us up and drop us to our hostel. When we first arrived we were a bit taken aback because all the signboards were in Italian. And the locals there could not converse in English. It was like cats and dogs, speaking different languages. We would ask questions in English and they would reply in Italian. But they were so nice, despite the language barrier, they still insisted in explaining to us.
We tried to hail a cab but to no avail. When we called the taxi service, they did not understand English. Luckily, we met these two very generous Italians. They helped us get a taxi. Usually the mode of transport in Rome are through buses or metro. Unfortunately for us, that particular day we arrived there all public transports were on strike. That was why we needed to take taxis to go the Rome City. It was quite pricey since we need to travel a long distance. It costed us 50 euro per taxi for one way journey. Oh money. :(  Click here (this is a video from Najla's keek ). Mostly our conversations with the locals are like this. :p
The hostel where we stayed in provide us maps for the city. All the places of attractions were within walking distance once we have reached the city. 

The first place we went was the Spanish Steps. It was featured in the movie Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn. You would also see this often in other movies. Though we were very excited, we still did not make it to the top. There were too many stairs! Nobody ain't got time to climb the stairs. There were still other places to go.

We had our lunch at Luna Caprese, a halal restaurant. They served the best pizza I tell you! Seriously. I am not a fan of pizzas, but I approve this one. There were also other choices such as kebabs and wraps. But, if you do come here you need to try the pizza. 
After filling our tummies with the scrumptious pizza, we made our way to the VERY famous Trevi Fountain or also known as Fontana di Trevi. It is said that if we throw coins into here, we will come to Rome again. I really wanted to throw the coins. It is not like I believe it but once I was there, why not throw a penny or two,right? But, it was really crowded with tourists. The people were starting to look like ants to me. You would bump into people every step you take. Coming closer to the fountain would be a hard thing to do, so I just forget what I intended on doing.

After that, we went to the Pantheon. It is one of the oldest building in Rome. I did not know much about Pantheon but what I know, the architecture of the building is pretty. It is said that the Pantheon's design is the most influential in Europe. You would see buildings with this kind of design in universities and public libraries.

To wrap up our first day, we went to eat ice creams or Italians would refer it as gelato. If you go to Italy, eating gelato is a must! I am not really into sweet things. However, the gelato taste different from the usual ice creams. It is more..creamy? It also contains less fats! Yay for that. My personal favourite flavor would be the Fragola (Strawberry). Hmmmm yummy!

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